HANDS & FEET: Solo Exhibition
An exhibition of HANDS & FEET drawings by KIMCHIKIM in Soho, New York City. This solo exhibition featured 144 watercolors and drawings of hands and feet. An exhibition book was published. To view the book, please go to the link at the bottom of this section.

Group Exhibition
Anniversary exhibition featuring artwork created by studio artists. Soho, New York City.

FACES: Solo Exhibition
An exhibition of FACES by KIMCHIKIM is currently being shown in Soho, NYC. This solo exhibition features 85 recent portrait watercolors and drawings by KIMCHIKIM.

FACES by Kimchikim: Exhibition book
FACES by Kimchikim, a recent book featuring selected portraits from the exhibition.

RADIO KOREA NYC: Radio Talkshow
Radio talkshow host Jang Misun interviewed Kimchikim about her current solo exhibition and as well as other aspects of her work as an abstract figurative croquis artist.

NEWSIS.com Columnist: WriterSpecial Events
NEWSIS.com: A Korean based internet news agency, launches KIMCHIKIM’s Human Interest column entitled “Manhattan Sight”. Manhattan Sight is a Bi-monthly column focusing on current human interest events in and around New York City. KIMCHIKIM’s column is accompanied with her figurative drawings.

Group Exhibition
Annual anniversary exhibition featuring artwork created in the studio during the year. Soho, New York City.

www.KIMCHIKIM.com: 2008 Website Launched
New York City, January 2008. KIMCHIKIM’s website portfolio is launched and focuses on the artist’s abstract figurative movement drawings and watercolors which she refers to as “croquis”, a French term meaning a quick sketch.

Solo Exhibition
SoHo, New York City. More than 100 nude croquis featuring watercolor, ink chopstick, crayon and pencil works on paper were displayed in this solo exhibition located in SoHo, NYC. This year, KIMCHIKIM’s exhibition was sponsored by Jonggajip Kimchi and Hmart who generously supplied kimchi for more than 100 gallery reception guests. Additionally, this exhibition was covered by Newsis, an internet news provider connecting to more than 300 newspaper organizations around the world.

Journalism Award
New American Media 2006 awarded KIMCHIKIM for outstanding journalism in a foreign language for her life essay memorium article on the artist Nam Jun Paik which appeared in Daily Sports Seoul / New York.

Solo Exhibition
Soho, New York City. More than 100 nude croquis featuring watercolor, ink chopstick, crayon and pencil works on paper were displayed in this solo exhibition located in Soho, NYC.

Journalism: Kimchikim’s Life Essay Articles
KIMCHIKIM’s life essays appeared weekly in Sports Seoul New York, a Korean daily newspaper published in Seoul, Korea. KIMCHIKIM’S articles focus on human interest topics relative to current news, special events and milestones throughout the year. Photographs of people and places that are featured in the articles are also accompanied by her freehand movement sketches of the nude human body, which can best be descibed with the French term “croquis” meaning a quick sketch. The newspaper’s emphasis on sports and dynamic motion of the human form lends itself well to croquis drawings which are reflections of ideas and moods (i.e. happiness, sorrow, pleasure, pain) in the articles. KIMCHIKIM draws the human figure in a Soho studio in New York City where movement models pose for less than a minute. These articles have been considered as unique, fresh, and emotional life essays which are anticipated and cheered by readers. Many supporters of the articles have found inspiration and reflection in the life’s descibed in the essays, as well as in their own. KIMCHIKIM was a Columnist and Cultural Events Reporter for SSNY through 2006.

Click here to view the book for my current exhibition.