KIMCHIKIM focuses her artwork on figurative movement drawings and watercolors, refered to as “croquis”, a French term meaning a quick sketch. She has shown her drawings and watercolors in both solo and group exhibitions in NYC’s SoHo. KIMCHIKIM is also a contributing writer / artist to, a Korean news service agency where her bi-monthly human interest column is accompanied by her drawings and watercolors.

KIMCHIKIM uses a wide variety of media ranging from fine archival papers to found and recycled material. Using simple wooden chopsticks, brushes, crayons, pencils, dip pens and watercolors she creates abstract figurative images which reflect her pure and genuine emotion. These uniquely elegant and dynamic drawings and watercolors can be considered as “snapshots of time” captured and interpreted by the artist. Kimchikim has been refered to as “a skilled primitive artist who’s energetic drawings flow like water”.

As an elementary school girl in Korea, KIMCHIKIM was recognized by artist Park Nam Jae as a promising young artist. At age nine she was the youngest student to ever attend Park Nam Jae’s Atelier.


Born in Korea.
Lives in New York City and Seoul, Korea.

Hong-Ik University
Fine Arts Degree
Seoul, Korea

Korea Fine Arts National Museum of Korea
Independant Studies
Seoul, Korea

Korea Archaeology Studies
Seoul, Korea

” I repeat the same thing, searching for just one living line… which comes from speed and concentration.”